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Replacement Laptop Power Adapters

We sell genuine oem laptop chargers from only £29.99, netbook chargers from only £28 or multi chargers from £34.


Why Buy Genuine and Not Cheap Fakes from Auction Sites?
If you loose power on your laptop that means that your laptop charger could be faulty or incompatible with your laptop or the power socket is broken or loose.

Although there are many different laptop makes and models, they all use similar chargers using different variations of connectors. It is very important to use the correct charger for your laptop to prevent physical damage, battery problems or even more serious faults.

The most important thing to remember is that not only do you need to match the output voltage that your laptop requires but the charger amperage . This is written at the bottom label of the laptop itself or on the charger.
There are many chargers on the market, but don’t go for the cheapest one you find. Many of these chargers are of a very poor quality and only last few weeks and can damage your laptop.

Normally these chargers are very light and feel hollow. Although most will have CE safety markings, most have never been tested to UK standards and will overheat some even burning or failing after only a few days or weeks.

PC Medic only stock Genuine OEM Chargers & all our chargers come with a 12 Month warranty


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Replacement laptop chargers