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Are you having problems with your internet connection?

We rely on our internet connections for so much and it can be frustrating when the signal is weak or doesn’t reach parts of your home. It’s vital that your connection is fast, reliable and reaches to all areas of your home.

However you are looking to improve your existing internet service we’ve got a selection of hardware to help solve your problems.


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Routers & Switches

Routers & Switches

Routers are the device which connect your devices to the internet, most are provided by your internet service provider, but if you wish to upgrade or improve the signal range for wireless devices we have routers in store.

Most routers have 4 ethernet ports, if you require more a network switch can be connected to your router with an ethernet cable and this will add additional ethernet connections to your network, popular options include 8 or 16 port hubs.

Range Extenders

Wireless Range Extenders

WiFi range extenders are ideal for extending the range and strengthening the stability of your home network.

If you suffer from patchy, unreliable connections in parts of the house, WiFi range extenders are the perfect solution.

There are a range of devices which are often quick and easy to setup, they need to be placed in a central location between the router and the area with poor signal.

Adapters & Cards

Network Adapters and Cards

Wireless cards and adapters are a simple way to get non-wireless devices online quickly and easily without cables.

We stock a range of wireless usb adapaters and wireless cards for PCs and laptops.

In store we also stock network cards for PCs, these offer faster connection speeds between the computer and router and are ideal where the device is close to the router or when used with powerline networking adapters.


Powerline Adapters

Powerline networking is a quick and easy to provide internet access to those hard to reach places in your home.  Powerline technology lets you create an internet network using the existing mains electrical wiring in your home or office.

These devices are quick and easy to setup, one adaptor is plugged into a mains socket next to your router, with the two connected using an ethernet cable; the second is plugged into a wall socket near the device which requires an improved connection/signal.