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Virus & Malware Removal

We are experts at tracking down viruses / malware and removing them!

How do I know if my PC computer or laptop is infected?

  • Your security software is disabled or you can't access it
  • Your firewall has been disabled
  • Frequent alerts from your security software
  • Programs you didn’t install asking for payment to remove or solve problems
  • Ransomware – your computer has been locked and displays a message asking you to pay a fee / fine
  • No internet access or very slow
  • Access to security webpages is blocked
  • Your default homepage has changed
  • You get redirected to other webpages
  • Unwanted toolbars appear in your browser
  • Your computer runs much slower than usual
  • Your computer hangs or is unresponsive
  • Installed programs no longer run
  • Desktop icons that you do not recognize
  • You see unusual error messages
  • Unable to access the Task Manager, Control Panel, Registry Editor or Command Prompt
  • People receiving spam e-mail from you
  • Receiving mail auto responders

Once infected you may be unable to install or update your security software, risking loss of your data or theft of your identity. If your computer is infected by a virus, trojan, worm, spyware or malware we can remove the problems and advise you on how to stay safe in future.

Where customers have downloaded software programs such as DNS Unlocker, MyPCBackup, toolbars, Locky3, registry cleaners or fake driver update programs may be installed too, these are classed as malware and should be removed.

Often these malware programs will not only slow you computer down they will also try and convey a sense of urgency that you must act now to resolve the problem, never give personal details or make a payment for software like this.

Check out our list of useful websites if you are looking to update or download software, if there is something useful you think we have missed on the list please let us know.

  • Virus Removal
  • Spyware Removal
  • Malware Removal
  • Pop-Up Problems

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There are many different types of viruses and spyware, including:-

Trojans are a high security risk and often appear like a useful program, but create a back door to your machine which allows unauthorised access to others.

Viruses are designed to alter files saved on the computer, change the configuration of the computer.

Worms are standalone programs that replicates to other computers, they often use a computer network to do this.

Spyware & Adware can be used to monitor your internet activity, redirect you to other sites when browsing, display adverts on pages you visit and often trick people into purchasing software they do not require.