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Windows 10 - What's new

Windows 10

It’s the Windows you know, only better

The Start menu is back!

Easily find all your programs and apps, customise the start menu just the way you like it.

Live tiles instantly provide streaming updates of what matters most to you.

Windows 10 Start Menu
Microsoft Edge

Browsing with Edge

Microsoft Edge is the new browser that helps you get more done on the web.

Make notes and highlight web pages, save or share them. Got a question? Ask Cortana; built in support for Cortana in Edge.

Meet Cortana
your digital assistant


Search everything and anything instantly, get reminders, ask questions.

Cortana works with you to help you get more done.

Windows Gaming


Gaming just got even better with Windows 10. Not only do your existing games work great, you can now play and connect with gamers across Xbox One and Windows 10 devices.